At Precision Machining, we specialize in custom manufacturing all types of oilfield and downhole equipment. This can include torque collars, casing bowls, sucker rods, polish rods, pulling tools, bull plugs and so much more. If your oilfield drilling project needs high quality downhole equipment call us at 780-812-9094.

We manufacture oilfield downhole equipment to client specifications including:

  • pulling tools & suite cases
  • open face clamps
  • rod hanger assembly units
  • stinger valve couplings
  • torque collars
  • casing bowls
  • bull plugs
  • safety reel cool tools
  • rod bullets
  • …and much more

Product Information

PST200 Coil Joint

Use coiled tubing to clean the PCP stator and lower well reservoir. Learn more.

Tubing Collar – TorqKing™

TorqKing™ Collars are an innovative, simple design with a significant advantage. Learn more.

Heavy Wall Casing Collar

Heavy wall casing collars are a simple solution to standardize well head height. Learn more.

Integral Rod Hanger Assembly

When well servicing is delayed for reasons such as budgets or cost cutting, it common practice to “hang” the rods. Learn more.

Modular Casing Bowl Superbowl™

The Superbowl™ is a modular casing bowl with replaceable top flange and flow line side ports. Learn more.

Open Face Rod Pulling Tool

The Open Face Rod Pulling Tool is designed for easy installation and effective retreival of various types of rods. Learn more.

Small Diameter Fishing Tool

The Small Diameter Fishing Tool is designed for fishing broken rods where standard fishing tools fail. Learn more.

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