New Products

Have a look at the newest products that have come into Precision Machining. We keep all our newest stock updated for you to have a look at. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to leave us a message on our contact page.

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Our product line includes:

  • spin thru product
  • 1”spin through rod shear
  • 1”spin through rod coupling (pin x box)
  • 1”spin through rod box #2
  • 1”x 78” spin through rod box
  • bullets
  • bull plugs
  • plunger shaft
  • 1” pin saver sub

Norris Products

We provide a full lineup of Norris products including sucker rods, specialty drive rods, polished rods, sinker bars, pony rods and sucker rod/polished rod couplings. We cab also provide bull plugs in a variety of grades and thread types.

EUE Products

Whether you’re using long-thread, short-thread or buttress-thread coupling connections; our external-upset-end (EUE) tubing connection products are very beneficial because they can be used as serviceable connections in most wells.

TorqKing Collar

TorqKing Collars are an innovative, simple design with significant advantages. Download the Precision TorqKing Collar Specifications or the TorqKing Installation Guide.


  • no need for no-turn tool or torque rings
  • reduce the risk of catching on a pinched torque ring
  • Stronger design & industry leading thread treatment

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